Song Que Vietnamese Deli offers the true beauty and essence of Vietnamese cuisines,
refreshments, and delicious snacks. After shifting to a larger establishment, Song Que was
able to create a more modernized and friendly environment. Song Que has a great selection
of Vietnamese-styled sandwiches, sweet on-the-go finger foods, refreshing smoothies, and
also offers an appetizing menu for catering. From the design of the shop, to the arrangement
of the deli, Song Que gives off a welcoming feeling that makes customers more comfortable
to a family-oriented setting.
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-Eden Center-
6769 Wilson Boulevard
Falls Church, VA 22044-3302
Growing in a successful upcoming market, Song Que provides a huge
need for the portion-cautious customers and a healthy option for all.
Offering a very competitive edge in service, Song Que has created an
increase in customer volume noticeable in the community. Song Que
Vietnamese Deli shop's greatest accomplishment was moving to a larger
location and adding in a dining area. Come to Eden Center today and visit
Song Que Vietnamese Deli shop to check out our wide selection.
                                  Our family business will relocate
                              A new location will be coming soon...
                                   Many thanks to our customers.